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 Allies - 1914
British Empire: French Third Republic
Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Newfoundland, Australia, India, New Zealand, South Africa
Russian Empire Kingdom of Belgium
Kingdom of Serbia Kingdom of Montenegro
 Central Powers - 1914
Austro-Hungarian Empire
German Empire
Ottoman Empire
Kingdom of Bulgaria

 Divisions  Active
1st Canadian Division  1914-1919
2nd Canadian Division  1915-1919
3rd Canadian Division  1915-1919
4th Canadian Division  1916-1919
5th Canadian Division  1917-1918
From a population of some 8 million, over 600000 served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, and over 60000 lost their lives, 87 percent of these as a direct result of enemy action in France and Flanders. More than 154000 were wounded, some several times, and this does not include the mental and emotional casualties, which no one recorded.