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The Canadian Scottish Regiment
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 Division (WWII)
 3rd Canadian Infantry Division
 Active  -
 Province  British Columbia
 Type  -
 Motto  -
 Nickname  -
 Modern Unit  -
A total of 424 members of The Canadian Scottish Regiment are listed in our memorial database. Below 30 random names are displayed. Click here to view all records.
Dautremont, Wotton, Mccauley, Radcliff, Mcdonald, Thieme, Mcfarlane, Krislock, Murray, Deeks, Louie, Caponero, Smith, Boulanger, Harrison, Abel, Waugh, Myhon, Mcgee, Mitchell, Macleod, Kilner, Martindale, Underwood, Ryan, Blair, Moore, Johnson, Harper, Voshell
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