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Normandy - Misc.
World War II Normandy - Misc.
 Normandy in Colour
 06/12: Normandy in Colour
Photographs of Canadians, in Colour, in Normandy.

Private R.L. Randolf of the 1st Battalion, The Canadian Scottish Regiment, sits in a trench with a two-inch mortar, France [...]

Infantrymen of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles searching German prisoners, Aubigny, France, ca.16-17 August 1944.

Infantrymen of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, Gruchy, France, 9 July 1944.

A Universal Carrier towing a six-pounder anti-tank gun of the 3rd Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (R.C.A.), G [...]

Unidentified infantryman of "D" Company, Regina Rifle Regiment on guard duty in forward post, Normandy, France, 10 June 1944.

Gunners Len Forbes, Herb Guard, Donald Germscheid and Frank Curliss, all of the 13th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artill [...]

Sergeant D. Mills and Gunner H.W. Embree checking the gunsight of a Priest M-7 105mm. self-propelled gun of the 14th Fiel [...]

An unidentified infantryman of the Regina Rifles Regiment manning a Bren gun position, Vaucelles, France, 23 July 1944. Ju [...]

Infantry on the move at dawn. 25 July 1944, South of Vaucelles.

Canadian Infantry passing a tank gun as they move up. 25 July 1944, South of Vaucelles, France.

Personnel of the 17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars in their Humber Mk. IV armoured car in Normandy. July 18-20, 1 [...]

Sergeant B. Shaw of Quebec City on hill overlooking Rouen.

Rifleman G.F. Andrews of the Queens Own Rifles beside his lookout post in the front lines. 20 June 1944, Normandy, France.

Pte. H.H. deVries and Pte. M.A. Sallows, both of Toronto, examine 122 mm. German gun after it had been spiked on hill over [...]

Tankmen plotting enemy according to received wireless information. 6 June 1944, Normandy, France.

Canadian soldiers displaying photos of Dorothy Lamour which they found in a German trench. (L-R): Private Norman Milton, C [...]

H/Captain Callum Thompson, a Canadian chaplain, conducting a funeral service in the Normandy bridgehead. July 16, 1944, No [...]

Canadians troops are crossing the River Orne. 18 July 1944, Place of publication: Normandy, France.

Pte. C.R. Rizzo, Highlanders Light Infantry, cleaning rifle while seated on tank trap during visit of landing beaches, Nor [...]

L-Cpl. R.W. Schultz on Bren and Pte. G.J. Sagan on Sten in slit trench. 20 June 1944, Normandy, France.

Unidentified soldier, probably of the Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry Highlanders. 20 June 1944, Vieux Caron (Normandy), F [...]

Canadian Dispatch Rider takes cover from snipers. 7 July 1944 , Normandy, France.

Sgt. R.A. Garbutt of the 19th R.C.A. Field Regiment showing shrapnel holes made in the radiator of his vehicle by a German [...]

Personnel of the South Saskatchewan Regiment in captured German 'Schwimmwagen' amphibious car of the Wehrmacht. August 11, [...]
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