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The Korean War

Personnel of the 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade preparing machine gun position, May 1951. (PA 112639)

A company of the Princes Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry moves in single file across rice paddies as it advances on ene [...]

Stove made of assorted empty metal ammunition cases receives final check-up before being installed in the dugout, January [...]

Sioux in icefield during patrol off Korean coast. February 1952. (SO-154)

Members of RCAF 426 Squadron chatting with Canadian pilot attached to the US Fifth Air Force, at an air base in Korea, Mar [...]

Personnel of the RCSC operating wireless set, November 1951. (SF-3477)

Corporal V. Lloyd Fenton, Able Company, 1st Battalion, PPCLI, June 1952. (PA 132630)

Guns of ’A’ Troop, ’A’ Battery, RCHA, shelling Chinese troops assualting positions held by ’B’ Company, 1st Battalion, RCR [...]

Personnel of the 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade pushing jeep and trailer, Korea, May 25, 1951. (PA 129117)

Mine-clearing team of the Royal Canadian Engineers, Korea, September 7, 1951. (PA 115813)

Personnel of the 23rd Field Squadron, RCE, placing charges during road construction operations, Korea, July 18, 1952. (PA [...]

Battery of guns of 2nd RCHA supporting troops of 2nd RCR, June 1951. (PA 128820)

Machine-gun crew of RCR, May 1951. (PA 129115)

Troops of the 2nd PPCLI during patrol, March 1951. (PA 11564)

Troops of ’B’ Company, 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, crossing the log bridge, North Korea, c [...]

Airmen of RCAF 426 Squadron talking to Korean children, Korea, April 1951. (PL 519693)
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