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A photograph of a soldier's kit taken by Captain W.C. Merston in 1914. Canadian soldiers carried similar equipment to Brit [...]

Rainbow enters Esquimalt Harbour on 7 November 1910. One of two old British cruisers obtained by the government in 1910 fo [...]

A soldier sights a Colt machine-gun on a firing range. The guns could fire 400 to 500 bullets a minute, but were prone to [...]

H.M.T. Franconia, with smoke coming out of her stack, arrives in Plymouth Harbour in October 1914 with troops of the First [...]

Panoramic view of the 1st Canadian Infantry Battalion. Most of the soldiers in this photograph would likely have been kill [...]

The soldiers of the First Contingent slept in these bell tents while training at Valcartier Camp. Some of the new civilian [...]

On the back of this image is printed: "The original Eleventh crossing the pontoon bridge on the Jacques Cartier River, aft [...]
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