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Battles and Fighting
World War I Battles and Fighting

This photograph, probably taken at dawn, shows three Canadian soldiers with camouflaged faces coming out of the line follo [...]

These Canadian soldiers appear to be going "over the top" during a battle. In reality, the photographer captured soldiers [...]

Four Canadian Highlanders smile as they walk along a muddy path away from the front lines. Kilts and bare knees can be see [...]

These Canadian soldiers are returning from "up the line." They are mud-splattered and weary, but look relieved to be march [...]

While in the field, medical personnel often improvised when treating the wounded. In this case, a bayonet, scabbard, and a [...]

Canadians attend to wounded Germans at an advanced dressing station. Wounded soldiers who were taken prisoner received med [...]

This photograph shows the particularly bad conditions at the Battle of Passchendaele in November 1917. Shellfire and muddy [...]

Soldiers of the 5th Battalion carry a wounded soldier to a light railway located a few kilometres behind the lines. The wo [...]

An officer helps a battered Canadian to a dressing station. Positive officer-enlisted soldier relations were crucial to mo [...]

A fellow soldier and medical personnel tend to a badly wounded Canadian. While one bandages his wound, the other lights hi [...]

A war-weary and muddied Canadian returns alone from the front. Cigarette in mouth, the soldier glares in the direction of [...]

Because it was very difficult to hit a fast-moving aircraft, anti-aircraft guns were usually grouped together in batteries [...]

A British Airco DH2 after a crash landing near Pozieres, France. The DH2 was a scout plane that entered service in 1916. I [...]

Canadian artillery on the move with an observation balloon in the background. Observation balloons, with a few spotters, w [...]

In this aerial view of a battlefield, both sides' trench lines and a tremendous number of shell craters are clearly visibl [...]

From August 1916, communication trenches like this one, with telephone wires sunning along the top of the trench, ran from [...]

These two soldiers are sending a message by pigeon, which was an effective means to communicate from front to rear, and ba [...]

These two soldiers are in an advanced listening post only 30 metres from the German lines. Listening posts were used to ga [...]

Members of the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles return from combat piled on a tank in this posed August 1918 photograph. At the [...]

This elaborate concrete trap was erected by German defenders in Pronville, France to stop Allied tanks. The steel bars pre [...]

A dummy tank, named John Collins, being pulled into position by a team of horses in December 1917. Dummy tanks, usually co [...]

Prisoners of war often carried the wounded. In this photo, taken during the Battle of Amiens in 1918, both the German pris [...]

The extensive bandages on these wounded Canadian soldiers may indicate that they have suffered the effects of flame or mus [...]

This projector, an 8-inch diameter metal pipe, fired a cylindrical bomb containing gas. Dozens of Livens projectors firing [...]
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