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The Netherlands
World War II The Netherlands

Regimental Aid Party of The South Saskatchewan Regiment resting on the southern bank of a canal north of Laren, Netherland [...]

Infantrymen of "D" Company, Regiment de Maisonneuve, firing a two-inch mortar, Cuyk, Netherlands, 23 January 1945. (L-R): [...]

Infantrymen of the Regiment de Maisonneuve advancing from a captured pillbox fortification on the Maas River, Cuyk, Nether [...]

Infantrymen of "D" Company, Regiment de Maisonneuve, with a No.18 wireless set, Cuyk, Netherlands, 23 January 1945. (L-R): [...]

(Infantrymen of Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal drawing water from a well near Laren, Netherlands, 6 April 1945. (L-R): Sergeants [...]

Support Company of Le Regiment de Maisonneuve in position near Nijmegen, Netherlands, 8 February 1945.

Privates Ben Surette and Louis St-Hilaire of Le Regiment de Maisonneuve advancing past a captured German pillbox on the Ma [...]

Sergeant Real Lalonde calling forward the rest of his Section of "D" Company, Le Regiment de Maisonneuve, Cuyk, Netherland [...]

Private N.J. Ingram, Perth Regiment, stops for a rest north of Arnhem, Netherlands, 15 April 1945.

Infantrymen of The Calgary Highlanders moving through Krabbendijke, Netherlands, 27 October 1944.

Infantrymen of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment (10 Inf Bde, 4 Can Armd Div), who wear British snow camouflage clothing, p [...]

Rifleman W.C. McMillan and Lance-Sergeant J.L. Retty of the Anti-Tank Platoon, Royal Winnipeg Rifles, cleaning a six-pound [...]

Infantrymen of the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, who are wearing British snow camouflage clothing, on a n [...]

Infantrymen of The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, who are wearing British winter camouflage clothing, on p [...]

Infantry of the Black Watch of Canada (Royal Highland Regiment) crossing the river Regge south of Ommen, Netherlands, 10 A [...]

Infantrymen of C Company, The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada, gathered around a slit trench in the woods [...]

Infantrymen of The South Saskatchewan Regiment during mopping-up operations along the Oranje Canal, Netherlands, April 12, [...]

Infantrymen of the North Shore Regiment boarding an Alligator amphibious vehicle during Operation Vertiable near Nijmegen, [...]

Canadian Infantry of the Regiment de Maisonneuve, moving through Holten to Rijssen, Netherlands. Lt. D. Guravitch, April 9 [...]

Soldiers of the Perth Regiment move through Arnhem, April 15th 1945. Governor General's Horse Guards' Sherman to the right.

Perth 'D' Coy section along forest road north of Arnhem. April 15th 1945.

Members of North Shore Regiment (N.S.r.) hunting and removing mines on approach to destroyed bridge. Zutphen, The Netherla [...]

On Nov. 9, 1944, the 2nd Canadian Corps occupied the Nijmegen salient bridgehead in Holland and turned it into a winter ba [...]

Private H. E. Goddard, of the Perth Regiment, carrying a Bren gun as he advances through a forest north of Arnhem with the [...]
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