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Italy - The Gothic Line
World War II Italy - The Gothic Line

Infantrymen of The Royal 22e Regiment training in a collapsible canvas boat near Cattolica, Italy, 24 November 1944. (L-R) [...]

Lance-Corporal J.A. Weston, West Nova Scotia Regiment, aiming his Bren gun across the Foglia River during the advance on t [...]

Corporal L. Charette, West Nova Scotia Regiment, in a slit trench during the advance on the Gothic Line near Montelabbate, [...]

Unidentified infantryman, possibly of the Cape Breton Highlanders, examining the treads of a Sherman tank, possibly of "B" [...]

Infantrymen of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division riding on a Priest self-propelled howitzer of the Royal Canadian Artille [...]

German prisoners-of-war carrying wounded members of the 1st Canadian Corps through Cesena. October 21, 1944, Cesena, Italy.

Private Stanley Rodgers of the 48th Highlanders of Canada, who holds a PIAT anti-tank weapon, resting north of the Conca R [...]

Unidentified Ontario unit of Canadian Infantry advance against the Gothic Line.

Infantrymen of the 48th Highlanders of Canada advancing on Point 146 during the advance on the Gothic Line near the River [...]
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