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Italy - Ortona
World War II Italy - Ortona

First-aid personnel of the Three Rivers Regiment placing Sergeant Johnny Marchand on a stretcher, Ortona, Italy, 21 Decemb [...]

A rifleman from the Loyal Edmonton Regiment in Ortona.

Canadian soldiers involved in a fire fight wtih German soldiers.

Platoon Commander Lieutenant I. Macdonald (with binoculars) ready to give order to attack at S. Leonardo di Ortona, Italy, [...]

The ruins could hide snipers or heavier weapons. The rubble could stop a tank. Boobytraps and mines could be anywhere. (Th [...]

Lance Corporal George Netherwood (left) and Private W.L. Soderberg (right) with Bren guns, Private Earl Israel (rear), Italy.

Troops from The Loyal Edmonton Regiment shelter in a ravaged building while getting grenades ready for throwing.

An unidentified member of the West Nova Scotia Regiment firing a PIAT anti-tank weapon.

Two days before Christmas, some troops from The Loyal Edmonton Regiment receive mail. Letters from home were an important [...]

Many civilians had stayed in the town throughout the fighting, despite warnings from the Germans to leave. With the end of [...]

German paratroops surrendering to Canadian soldiers, December 1943

The team from The Loyal Edmonton Regiment who dug out Lance Corporal Boyd.

During the fighting at Ortona, a Canadian truck burns after being set on fire by German mortar fire.

Stretcher bearers evacuating casualties from 'A' Company Headquarters, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (P.P.C. [...]

Personnel of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment having tea and sandwiches outside Battalion Headquarters.

Graves of personnel from the Edmonton Regiment killed in the battle of Ortona, 7 January, 1944.

Personnel of the Saskatoon Light Infantry firing mortar in the vicinity of Ortona, Italy, 5 January 1944. From left to rig [...]

Edmonton Regiment soldiers use walkie-talkie during advance in Ortona, Italy, 21 December 1943. Carrying it is Lance Corpo [...]

Sergeant F.V. MacDougal and Sergeant-Major J.H. Ferguson, 2nd Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (R.C.A.), emerging [...]

A Canadian Sherman tank moves through the destroyed town of Ortona.

A rifle section of Canadian troops proceeds along a narrow street, keeping close to a brick wall before crossing over to t [...]

Members of the Edmonton Regiment digging out a comrade who was buried alive in the wreckage of a building demolished by th [...]

A Canadain sherman tabk from the Eight Army is seen in action on a street in Ortona, Italy during eight days of fighting t [...]

Lance Corporal Roy Boyd of The Loyal Edmonton Regiment is rescued after being burried under the rubble of the mined house [...]
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