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Canadians in Sicily, 1943
World War II Canadians in Sicily, 1943

Private Harry McDowell, 48th Highlanders of Canada, Caltagirone, Italy, ca. 2-3 August 1943.

Infantrymen of the 48th Highlanders of Canada advancing towards Adrano. August 18, 1943, Place of publication: Adrano, Italy.

1st Canadian Infantry Division on the road during advance on Ispica. 12 July 1943, Modica, Sicily (vicinity).

On the road to Agira, Allied jeeps driving by torched German vehicles, around July 28th, 1943.

Regiment de Trois-Rivieres tanks entering the ruins of Regalbuto, August 4th, 1943. Photo by Jack H. Smith, Department of [...]

Amid heat and dust, gunners of the 7th Battery, 2nd Field Artillery Regiment firing at enemy positions with a 25-pounder g [...]

Specialised vessels had been developed to enable tanks to land ready for action.

The landing in Pachino, Sicily, July 10th, 1943. Photo by Frank Royal. Department of National Defence / National Archives [...]

The initial waves of assault troops were unopposed. The military quickly established a port to bring the rest of the army [...]

Men of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry fighting on a ridge near Valguarnera. In the distance, enemy vehicl [...]

Sgt. H.E. Cooper, 48th Highlanders of Canada. August 11, 1943, Sicily.

H/Captain S.B. East, a chaplain, talking with soldiers of the 48th Highlanders of Canada near Regalbuto. 1943, Regalbuto, [...]

Troops of The Loyal Edmonton Regiment entered Modica marching in a relaxed manner, but rifles are close to hand and bayone [...]

Private Joe Pakokis of The Loyal Edmonton Regiment standing at the grave of an Italian soldier near Pachino, Italy, 11 Jul [...]
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