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Normandy - Falaise
World War II Normandy - Falaise

Troops of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles near Ifs, France, 25 July 1944. On the road to Falaise.

Universal Carrier of the 4th Canadian Armoured Division. 8 Aug 1944, Cintheaux, France.

Infantrymen of "B" Company, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, riding in a captured German truck with German [...]

Canadian personnel digging slit trench during attach. (L.-R.): Signalman Rusty Forsythe, Capt. R.W. Armstrong. 25 July 194 [...]

Les Fusiliers Mont Royal looking into mine shaft used by German troops for infiltration purposes, between Saint-Andre-sur- [...]

Private G.O. Parenteau of the South Saskatchewan Regiment. 11 Aug 1944, Rocquancourt, France.

Canadian officers directing mortar fire. August 9, 1944, May-sur-Orne, France.

Unidentified soldier, possibly of Les Fusiliers Mont Royal, on patrol. August 9, 1944, May-sur-Orne, France.

Sherbrooke-Fusiliers Regiment, August 1944.

The Allies used their supremacy in the air to deadly effect. The battle of the Falaise Gap was known as the "death road" b [...]

A column of German troops captured near Ifs, Normandy, 8 August 1944.

Riding into Kangaroos, men of the 4th Infantry Brigade await the signal to start operation Totalize, August 7th, 1944.

Troops of Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal supposted by a 'Sherman' tank of the Sherbrooke-Fusiliers during a sniper hunt. Falaise [...]

More German prisoners of war captured by Major Currie's men.

Officers and soldiers of the 2nd Panzer Division surrender to Canadian soldiers in St. Lambert-sur- Dives, France. Major D [...]

Canadian tanks move into position for attack toward Falaise, between Hubert-Folie and Tilly-la-Campagne, August 8th, 1944.

Tank concentration of the Fort Garry Horse ready to leave for noon attack from Bretteville-Le-Rabet, Normandy, during Oper [...]

Although it looks like these German prisoners have been dusted with flour, it is actually dirt. These soldiers are veteran [...]

7th Medium Regiment, 12th Battery, "A" Troop, fire on Germans with 5.5 inch guns, Bretteville-Le-Rabet, Normandy, 16 Augus [...]

Vehicles from the 3rd Infantry Division moving through the countryside during Operation Tractable, August 14th, 1944. In t [...]

Canadian troops advance on Falaise road as German tanks burn, August 8, 1944.
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