Vimy Ridge from the Air
This aerial photograph illustrates the major trench lines around an unknown sector on Vimy Ridge. The large craters, some ten to 15 metres deep, were made from mine explosions set off by Canadian engineers prior to and during the assault of 9 April 1917. Mines could create great confusion and blow huge gaps in an enemy's defences, but they were also significant obstacles for advancing troops. CWM 19740387-060
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 From LPaulsen on Apr 3, 2017 14:25:32
 I have identified the location of this picture, described as an 'unknown sector.' I recognized it since I have been researching the 14th Btn at Vimy and the pattern of shell holes and angles of the front line is quite distinct. I overlaid this photo on the trench system map of the 14th Btn sector and it matches perfectly. I would like to submit this to you for your consideration, to confirm the location but there is nowhere here to attach other files to messages. How can I do that? Les Paulsen