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St. Catharine's (victoria Lawn) Cemetery - 26 records
 Name  Regiment  Rank  Death
Robert Samuel Watt    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   November 19, 1940 
Charles Harold Morgan    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   November 22, 1940 
William Edward Chalmers    Royal Canadian Navy Reserve   Chief Engine Room Artificer   January 30, 1941 
William Manley Nixon    Royal Canadian Air Force   Aircraftman 2nd Class   March 12, 1942 
Roy Alfred Martin    Royal Canadian Air Force   Sergeant   October 14, 1942 
Marshall Douglas Fleming    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   November 3, 1942 
Arthur Gordon Bartley Gibson    Royal Canadian Air Force   Sergeant   December 5, 1942 
Everard Barrington North    Royal Canadian Air Force   Warrant Officer Class II   December 14, 1942 
Arthur Thomas Orrell    Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps   Lance Corporal   March 3, 1943 
Ernest Bunting Stapleford    Royal Canadian Air Force   Flight Lieutenant   March 26, 1943 
Harvey Joseph Crowley    Royal Canadian Artillery   Gunner   July 12, 1943 
William Joseph Pattison    Royal Canadian Artillery   Gunner   September 2, 1943 
Earl Joseph De Planche    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   December 2, 1943 
William Montague Wade    Royal Canadian Armoured Corps   Trooper   December 22, 1943 
Peter Wicks    Dufferin & Haldimand Rifles of Canada, R.C.I.C.   Private   January 13, 1944 
Robert Taylor    Veterans Guard of Canada   Private   February 23, 1944 
David Smith    Royal Canadian Artillery   Sergeant   April 30, 1944 
Lloyd Robert Teather    Royal Canadian Armoured Corps   Trooper   September 13, 1944 
Violet Marion Southwell    Canadian Women's Army Corps   Private   November 6, 1944 
John Michael Cheevers    Royal Canadian Artillery   Sergeant   February 9, 1945 
Harry Dougherty    Royal Canadian Corps of Signals   Signalman   October 20, 1945 
John Donald Robertson    Royal Canadian Air Force   Sergeant   November 21, 1945 
William Graham Eymann    Royal Canadian Engineers   Sapper   January 12, 1946 
Herbert James Berry    Royal Canadian Air Force   Corporal   August 21, 1946 
Robert John Sullivan    Veterans Guard of Canada   Private   October 5, 1946 
Edward Brant    Royal Canadian Air Force   Flight Lieutenant   April 23, 1947 
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