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Montreal (mount Royal) Cemetery - 147 records
 Name  Regiment  Rank  Death
William Burton    Corps of Military Staff Clerks   Warrant Officer Class I   November 14, 1939 
James Colquhoun    Royal Canadian Air Force   Aircraftman 2nd Class   February 14, 1940 
George Gibson Bain Anderson    Black Watch of Canada   Private   March 28, 1940 
Alexander Russell Millard    Royal Canadian Artillery   Second Lieutenant   August 29, 1940 
Louis Macadam Duff    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   November 25, 1940 
Thomas Francis Crozier Lucas    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   December 5, 1940 
Stewart Ian Bond    Royal Montreal Regiment, R.C.I.C.   Private   January 19, 1941 
Robert Frederick Lawson    Royal Canadian Navy   Lieutenant Commander   February 24, 1941 
Thomas William Marler    Royal Canadian Artillery   Bombardier   February 24, 1941 
Alexander David Angus    Royal Canadian Air Force   Pilot Officer   March 27, 1941 
Sydney Herbert Griffin    Veterans Guard of Canada   Major   April 15, 1941 
Jesse Augustus Baldwin    Royal Canadian Air Force   Flying Officer   April 18, 1941 
John Beanland    Royal Canadian Navy Reserve   Able Seaman   May 10, 1941 
Bonar Lloyd Robertson    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   June 1, 1941 
William Barclay    Royal Canadian Artillery   Gunner   June 6, 1941 
Frederick Owen Stredder    Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve   Paymaster Commander   June 10, 1941 
Thomas Alexander Ross    17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars, R.C.A.C.   Sergeant   June 17, 1941 
Horatio Warren Nelson    Canadian Grenadier Guards, R.C.A.C.   Guardsman   July 24, 1941 
Albert Fantie    17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars, R.C.A.C.   Lance Corporal   July 31, 1941 
Stuart Vernon Cooke    Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps   Colonel   August 1, 1941 
Wilfred Victor Liot    6th Duke of Connaught's Royal Canadian Hussars, R.C.A.C.   Sergeant   September 6, 1941 
Ferdinand George Macculloch    Royal Canadian Regiment   Major   October 12, 1941 
Elmer Hawthorne Smith    Royal Canadian Army Service Corps   Lance Corporal   November 13, 1941 
James Melville Croll    Royal Canadian Engineers   Sapper   December 1, 1941 
Beverley Leslie Mcintyre    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   January 12, 1942 
George Henry Armstrong    Royal Canadian Air Force   Pilot Officer   January 21, 1942 
William Wilson Johnstone    Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps   Squadron Quartermaster Serjeant   February 3, 1942 
Frank Ernest Thomsett    Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps   Private   February 4, 1942 
James Young Heatley    Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve   Ordinary Telegraphist   February 14, 1942 
Graham Butt    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve   Leading Aircraftman   February 28, 1942 
Harry Naoum    Royal Canadian Air Force   Sergeant   March 23, 1942 
Leonard Macdonald    Royal Rifles of Canada, R.C.I.C.   Rifleman   March 31, 1942 
John Clifford Hammond    Royal Canadian Air Force   Sergeant   April 21, 1942 
Robert Mcpherson    Veterans Guard of Canada   Private   April 21, 1942 
John Russell Dermott Young    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   June 13, 1942 
John Ralph Dougall    Royal Canadian Air Force   Sergeant   July 7, 1942 
Hubert Hamish Gilchrist    Royal Canadian Air Force   Flight Lieutenant   July 15, 1942 
John Marshall Sales    Royal Canadian Air Force   Sergeant   July 15, 1942 
William Vassiliou    Royal Canadian Infantry Corps   Private   July 21, 1942 
Arnold William Cooke    Royal Canadian Air Force   Sergeant   August 10, 1942 
Douglas Haig Rushton    Royal Canadian Air Force   Aircraftman 1st Class   August 12, 1942 
Paul Leslie Paterson    Royal Canadian Air Force   Aircraftman 2nd Class   August 14, 1942 
William Henry Dixon    Black Watch of Canada   Private   August 16, 1942 
Robert Arthur Elliott    Royal Montreal Regiment, R.C.I.C.   Company Quarter Master Sergeant   September 30, 1942 
Arnold Ridgway    Royal Canadian Air Force   Pilot Officer   October 2, 1942 
Hugh Ogilvy Carson    Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps   Lieutenant   October 4, 1942 
Doris Helen Scott    Royal Canadian Air Force (Women's Division)   Corporal   October 22, 1942 
George Patrick Harris    Royal Canadian Air Force   Sergeant   October 29, 1942 
Harold Lyne Purcell    Royal Canadian Navy Reserve   Lieutenant (E)   November 21, 1942 
Levon Papazian    Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps   Private   December 25, 1942 
Charles William Paterson    Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve   Sub-Lieutenant   January 14, 1943 
Warren Arless Robert    Royal Canadian Air Force   Corporal   January 14, 1943 
Donald Stuart Maclennan    Royal Canadian Air Force   Pilot Officer   February 14, 1943 
Richard John Robinson    Royal Canadian Engineers   Staff Sergeant   March 15, 1943 
Hubert Oberlin Lough    Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps   Captain   March 21, 1943 
John Lloyd Woodrow    Veterans Guard of Canada   Private   March 30, 1943 
John Charles Bryant    Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps   Major   April 4, 1943 
Bert James Hungate Sergent    Royal Montreal Regiment, R.C.I.C.   Sergeant   June 1, 1943 
John Walsingham Field    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   June 12, 1943 
Findlay Buchanan    Veterans Guard of Canada   Private   June 23, 1943 
Ernest James Albert Parent    Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve   Ordinary Seaman   July 8, 1943 
Ivan Napper Hislop    Royal Canadian Air Force   Flight Sergeant   July 11, 1943 
Alfred Edward Martin    Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps   Sergeant   July 12, 1943 
Norman Leo Lauzon    Royal Canadian Air Force   Sergeant   August 3, 1943 
Luther Arthur Appelt    Royal Canadian Air Force   Sergeant   August 23, 1943 
John Alexander Hutchinson    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   September 10, 1943 
James Strachan    Royal Canadian Engineers   Sapper   September 14, 1943 
Thomas Simpson Turfus    Royal Canadian Air Force   Warrant Officer Class II   September 28, 1943 
Robert Bryson Duncan    Royal Canadian Air Force   Flight Lieutenant   October 3, 1943 
Sidney Torrance Sims    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   October 8, 1943 
Fred Hardman    Canadian Grenadier Guards, R.C.A.C.   Sergeant   October 15, 1943 
Clinton Ernest Lawton    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   November 4, 1943 
Norman Alexander Cowan    Royal Canadian Artillery   Gunner   November 7, 1943 
Alfred Halliwell    Royal Canadian Army Service Corps   Private   December 1, 1943 
Edwin Charles Realff    Royal Canadian Artillery   Gunner   December 22, 1943 
Henry Wilburt Huhtala    Royal Canadian Air Force   Aircraftman 2nd Class   December 31, 1943 
John Scott Williams    Royal Canadian Air Force   Wing Commander   January 1, 1944 
Wilfred Stein    Royal Canadian Air Force   Corporal   January 11, 1944 
Ernest Mackey    Royal Canadian Army Service Corps   Private   January 14, 1944 
Thomas Schofield    Royal Canadian Air Force   Flight Lieutenant   February 17, 1944 
Benjamin Charles Philip Lyman    Royal Canadian Air Force   Flight Lieutenant   March 9, 1944 
Lawrence Ashe    Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve   Supply Assistant   March 10, 1944 
John Edwin Bissett    Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve   Lieutenant Commander   March 18, 1944 
Louis Ernest Wake    Royal Canadian Engineers   Warrant Officer Class II   April 1, 1944 
Olive Ivy Frances Le Pape    Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service   Wren   April 21, 1944 
Francis Allen Aspinall    Royal Canadian Air Force   Flight Sergeant   May 23, 1944 
James Edward Trow    Royal Canadian Air Force   Sergeant   May 23, 1944 
John Clarence Short    Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve   Commissioned Engineer   June 1, 1944 
Lorne Clinton Gibb    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   June 9, 1944 
Arthur Berube    Royal Canadian Engineers   Sapper   June 20, 1944 
William Perry Mclaren    Royal Canadian Air Force   Pilot Officer   June 22, 1944 
Philip George Zakaib    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   July 5, 1944 
John George Redpath    Royal Canadian Air Force   Flying Officer   August 3, 1944 
William Arthur James Bennet    Royal Canadian Air Force   Pilot Officer   August 7, 1944 
Norman Mccallum Campbell    Royal Canadian Air Force   Leading Aircraftman   August 10, 1944 
William Hashim    Royal Canadian Air Force   Flight Sergeant   September 8, 1944 
Muriel Almyra North    Royal Canadian Air Force (Women's Division)   Leading Aircraftwoman   September 8, 1944 
Gunnar Freese    Royal Canadian Air Force   Flying Officer   October 20, 1944 
John Bowick Kay    Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve   Warrant Officer   November 2, 1944 
Gordon Shackell    Royal Canadian Infantry Corps   Lieutenant   November 18, 1944 
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