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Default Help me with this record

Hi everyone!
My 2x Great-grandfather, Charles Henry Kell, served during World War 1 with the 70th Batallion of the CEF as part of the CMAC.

I have a few pages from his from his service file, and was hoping someone could help me "decipher" it. I can make out that he was stationed at Bushy Park in England. I know he was ill with Influenza and had a foot problem during his service. Does it appear that he was at Bushy Park his entire service? Or was he stationed elsewhere? There was a family story that he suffered lung damage due to mustard gas, but I am finding no evidence of that.

Can you point me in a direction that would help me learn more about what the CMAC would have been like for him?

Any items of note that can be picked out of the link I've attached would be greatly appreciated.


Link to Charles Henry Kell's Service File

Link 2
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Charles was posted to three locations within England, Bushy Park, Shorncliffe and Rhyll, whilst serving with the C.A.M.C.

I can see no evidence he served in France.

He did suffer from Influenza in 1918, and appears to have been hospitalised for 18 days according to his records here: http://central.bac-lac.gc.ca/.item/?...&id=B5040-S010.

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