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Default BF and PA meaning in a form found in War Diaries

Hello everybody!

I have recently started a project of collecting and organizing digitized images from the War Diaries of the First Canadian Army during operation Veritable. As I was reading the images I found a form which I assume is the cover of the file and must be some type of recording the movement of the file as different users access it. As I was looking for more information about its function, I discovered that this type of form is used for many different types of files besides War Diaries. I assume that the form is named M.F.B. 387 (based on what I see at the top right corner).

An example of this form is shown in the following link http://collectionscanada.ca/obj/0010..._ernest-lt.pdf

My questions are:

1 Does anybody know the meaning of the "BF" and "PA" acronyms as shown in one of the form's columns? Apparently you either "BF" or "PA" a file.

Relative to the above is a note on the second page of the previous link which says

"File should be retained no longer than absolutely necessary. If a file is frequently needed at short intervals, it is better to B.F. it for two or three days than keep it out of Central Registry indefinitely. This ensures its being completed and kept in order, and also gives other offices an opportunity."

2 Does anybody know how this form works in general in the Canadian file management system or where I can find more information about the details of this file management system?

Thank you
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Can I suggest you contact the Library and Archives Canada, they may be able to answer this question quickly and easily?

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Pamak. Easy one. We still use these acronyms today in the government.

BF means “Bring Forward”. When you BF a file, you put a “future date” on it so that the file room automatically sends you the file on the date you asked.

PA means “Put Away”......literally, put the file back into records.

So both terms are file keeping terms and as I said, are still used today

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Thank you for the reply!

I really appreciate your help.
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