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Default Canadians in the USAAF

For a few years now I have been researching Americans that joined the Commonwealth Forces during WW II, while researching the Pacific area, I came across two crashes that had a Canadian on board the aircraft. A B-17E and a C-47A. May they Rest in Peace, Lest We Forget !

C-47A-65-DL Dakota Serial Number


Pilot 2nd Lt. Arthur F. Parkhurst (MIA / KIA, recovered) Evansville, IN
Co-Pilot 2nd Lt. Edwin H. Franks, 2057272 (MIA / KIA) Toronto, Canada
Engineer TSgt James G. Maynard, 34265608 (MIA / KIA) Ellenwood, GA
Asst Engineer Sgt Philip Taliaferro, Jr. 36149428 (MIA / KIA) Jackson, MI
Radio Sgt Marvin A. Gill, 39086814 (MIA / KIA) Linden, CA
Passenger Captain George W. Grismore, O-364822 (MIA / KIA) Salt Lake City, UT

Mission History
Took off at 1233 from Tanauan Airfield on Leyte on a mission to deliver supplies to guerilla forces including fuel, radio equipment and rations. Also aboard was Parkhurst's pet monkey. Weather was broken cumulus, base 2,000' - 7,000' visibility of 12 miles, improving. After takeoff there was no further communication and when it failed to return, was declared missing. In fact, the C-47 had crashed within 10-12 minutes after takeoff in the jungle.

B-17E "Bessie The Jap Basher" Serial Number 41-2420

USAAF, 11th BG, 42nd BS

Pilot 1st Lt Charles E. Norton, O-416333 (POW, executed September 30, 1942, MIA) Harpswell, ME
Co-Pilot 1st Lt. Bruce B. S. Barker, O-428793 (MIA / KIA) Saskatoon, Canada
Navigator 1st Lt. Leo M. Eminger, O-388557 Upton, NM (MIA / KIA) NM
Bombardier Sgt James "Buster" R. Mathewson, 16028061 (MIA / KIA) Durand, MI
Radio SSgt Peter F. Novak, 6897614 (MIA / KIA) PA
Gunner SSgt William L. Hotard, 6296361 (MIA / KIA) TX
Lower Turret Gunner SSgt Fred S. Croyle, 6845914 (MIA / KIA) Somerset County, PA
Gunner Sgt Bruce W. Osborne, 7082892 (MIA / KIA, BR)
Gunner Pfc Edward A. Carroll, 6979511 (MIA / KIA) Brooklyn, NY

Mission History

On September 24, 1942 one of four B-17s that took off from Henderson Field on a bombing mission against Japanese shipping off Shortland Island and Tonolei Harbor. Over the target area, approximately twenty Japanese Zeros made determined attacks against the formation from the front and both beams. Two of the attackers were claimed as shot down and another probably damaged. Despite the attacks, this B-17 dropped its bombs on a cargo vessel, which they claimed "took on a decided list" indicating it might have been hit. Damaged this B-17 was last seen descending smoking with fighters pursuing it. Flying at sea level, this B-17 managed to reach the north coast of Guadalcanal and ditched into Domo Cove occupied by Japanese forces.

Info provided by pacificwrecks.com

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