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Default WW1 Films - WRONG THREAD

Sorry, everyone, I just realized I have been posting all these WW1 National Film Board items in the WRONG FORUM (Second World War)

I have asked the site moderator if he would kindly move them to the First World War Forums

I appologize, and I'll make sure the rest start going into the right Forum and Threads..........



PS. I'll start posting more links as soon as the items have been moved. Although all these Films are avaiable on the National Film Board site, I thought that by posting them individually, would help people find a subject or item much quicker when doing a Google Search for this type of info

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Nice work big fella!
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Originally Posted by BFBSM View Post
Nice work big fella!
Thanks. I always forget about these sources, and their's some great footage and information in these sources.......so having it on the site, will help ME, and others remember these are available.

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