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Originally Posted by Seroster View Post
Temujin, wanted to say thank you. Because of your suggestion, last night I tried searching the British National Archives and found some of the documents I was looking for - Field Reports related to alterations to the Valentine tank, e.g. tracks for driving in snow, described as "snow shoes" in the UK archives!

And once I got it into my head that these files might be in different places, I searched for "cold weather test" at LAC and found what I was looking for there too.

That was enormously helpful!!
Your welcome, I'm glad you were successful in your search.

And Yes, whenever your searching for something, I make sure I try and go thru ALL the research sites that I can, Brit, Canada, UK, Aus, NZ, US etc etc etc. It's sometimes strange that, for example Canadian Documents end up in the US National Archives.....but them when you think about it, ALL MILITARIES study other military's, how they do things etc.....the old "try not to re-invent the wheel" type of thing. So you will generally find documents from each country in the Archives of the other. Also, of course "allies" developed many documents together......eg Op Neptune, D-Day Landings

The other issue, is ACCESS.....some countries have a lot more access of records "on line". I find the Brit National Archives have LOTS of access to Canadian RCAF records (Operational records etc).....YES, you have to pay for them, but the cost isn't unreasonable (unless your trying to download 4 years of records). A cost of 1 month of Operational Records for a Squadron, for example is about 7 to 9 Cdn Dollars (depends on the currency exchange rate).

Canadian Access is getting better, using Heritage Canadiana website. We're finally getting to see WW2 documents.....Of course some years ago you use to be able to get these documents thru your local library thru Intr-Library Loan, but this was curtailed by the Government for "cost savings".....so the only way to see some of these records now is to GO to LAC, or hire a Researcher to Go to LAC......but the Heritage Canadian website is helping

Sorry, I've rambled on. Good luck on your continuing research.


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I appreciate the rambling! :)

Aside from what you say there's also liaison. Looking for Valentine information last week I stumbled across a fat file which was mostly to do with British tank development. I think copies of these were sent from the UK as a matter of course.

I have also seen something similar myself. I've been helping a fellow scale modeller reconstruct the paint colours of some WW2 paint colours - he sends me his samples, I go to the archives, and take comparative photographs with what is at LAC which was sent from the UK during the war.

Well the first time I visited I just about fell out of my chair, because we have a set of colour chips of four desert paint colours - Light Stone, Portland Stone, Silver Grey, and Slate - which the British tank museum could not source as far back as the 70s, and which confirmed this British fellow's painstaking research.
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