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Default Canadians in Vietnam

We sent the ICCS to assist in supervising the cease fire in 1973 (I am led to understand that more were killed on both during that particular period than ever before), one of our peacekeepers was killed and our government sent my destroyer in case we had to get the army (the death and glory boys :) out in a hurry. It is normal for naval associations to honour a ship but we Terra Nova's are the only group ever to honour a single deployment. We were told on a friday afternoon we were sailing on monday morning and the skipper told us half way across the pacific we were going to Vietnam. We lost one of our ships company and dropped 1/3 of our people all over south east asia at one point. We were gone 6 months. I live in Windsor and hear constantly about Canadians who served in the US forces and how they have been ignored by our government. I have a hard time with their complaint as i regard US ! as Canadians who served OUR country in Vietnam. Incidentally i think there is a law that says NO person may serve in the armed forces of another country without the permission of the Canadian Government and her majesty by extension who is the Commander in chief of the Canadian Armed forces..
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