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Default Location of "Caribou Hill" Gallipoli

Hello All,

I'm headed to Gallipoli to do some documentary work on the Newfoundland Regiment and I'm having a nasty time pinpointing the location of "Caribou Hill", where the Regiment held the line and a number of Islanders were decorated for a trench raid and subsequent defensive action. The Nicholson history and the map from the "First 500" have it in wildly different locations. The history of the 29th Div. and the 1st Essex (who were paired w/them), were also no help. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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According to the map found here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BwR_b2BIYAAGoMv.jpg, Caribou Hill is located at 40.331897, 26.27900. As shown here: https://www.google.com.au/maps/place...18972!4d26.279

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Default Caribou Hill

Found this post quite by accident and having been to Gallipoli many times (I live in Turkey) and to what is believed by many to be Caribou Hill, I was intrigued by the map link provided by Mark. It seems to show the 'hill' quite a bit North of the front lines and well behind Turkish lines. I can't seem to open the link to the map...perhaps Mark can provide another?

Also wondering if Daniel Murphy ever made his trip and what exactly became of his research?

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