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Default Battle of Mont Sorrel

The Battle of Mont Sorrel began today, 93 years ago. About 620 Canadians, 475 of them with the rank of Private, fell on the first day.
On the morning of 2 June the German XIII Corps began a massive artillery bombardment of heavy caliber shells against the Canadian positions. Nine-tenths of the Canadian forward reconnaissance battalion became casualties during the bombardment. 3rd Canadian Division commander Major-General M.S. Mercer and 8th Canadian Brigade commander Brigadier Victor Williams had been conducting an inspection of the front line when the shelling began. Mercer was wounded three times and died; Williams was wounded and taken prisoner.

At 1:00pm, German pioneers detonated a series of four mines near the Canadian forward trenches before the Germans attacked with six battalions. Five more battalions were in support and an additional six in reserve. When the German forces attacked, mainly against positions held by the 8th Canadian Brigade, resistance at the front lines was "minimal". For several critical hours both the 3rd Canadian Division and the 8th Canadian Brigade were leaderless, and their level of defence suffered accordingly. Brigadier Edward Spencer Hoare Nairne, of the Lahore Divisional Artillery eventually assumed temporary command of the 3rd Canadian Division. However, German forces were still able to capture Mont Sorrel and Hill 61. After advancing up to 1,200 yards, the XIII Corps dug in. Although the road to Ypres was open and undefended, no German officer took the initiative to exceed instructions and capitalize on the success experienced by the German forces
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Originally Posted by Erik View Post
The Battle of Mont Sorrel began today, 93 years ago. About 620 Canadians, 475 of them with the rank of Private, fell on the first day.
I was present on Oct. 22nd at Zillebeke-Ieper at the inauguration of a new monument dedicated to a certain Batallion of the Canadian army who took part in the Battle of Mount Sorrel. The small monument is erected close to Maple Copse Cemetery. So Remembrance still is very actual.

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