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Default The Canadian Corvettes " Cheap but Nasties"!

In the SWW the Canadian Corvettes escorted Merchant Vessels ++ that were transporting supplies and troops from the Halifax harbour in Nova Scotia to London. The Corvette was based on a British design, which derived from a "whale catcher" Vessel. While they were small, cheap and could be quickly built in large numbers.

The Canadian had two versions made, both being 62.5M= 209'. long, 10M=33' wide, a displacement of 950 tons, carried about a 70 man crew At 16 knots max, which was still good enough to catch the U-boats. The armament consisted of a 4-inch gun in front with a 2 pounder at the rear of the ship. Later they were refurnished with guns for anti-aircraft, including the 20mm Oerlikons.

By August 1941, a large number of Corvettes were making their presence felt in the Battle of the Atlantic, so much so that U-boat commanders were said to be "boiling with rage" by the German press. Even though it was disliked by the Canadian officers, who wanted destroyers and cruisers, Even if they were excellent Ships, they tended to be very lively in the Rough and stormy North Atlantic. Winston Churchill paid Tribute by dubbing them "cheap but nasties". By the end of 1941 they're responsible for sinking 16 U-Boats by her guns and depth charges, at the cost of 10 Corvettes lost. In one encounter wounding and bring a U-Boat to the surface the Corvette rammed the U-Boat. However, due to it's cheap and hurried design problems began to Develop.

In 1942 The Canadian Navy decided that a better Vessel was needed. The Corvettes were removed from the Atlantic to be re-equipped. Returned to the war in 1943 better equipped, though still cramped. Most now had Sonar AKA Asdic, better sea-keeping, and Radar. The "nasties" saw action in other theatres of WWII as also fighting in the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean, While 19 were present during the Normandy D-Day, 54 Corvettes were outfitted as minesweepers, and some were Even used by the American Navy.

By war’s end their place in the North Atlantic run had been replaced by Faster and larger destroyers as frigates. Following the Second World War most were discarded, some to the merchant fleet, others to foreign navies.

The corvette remains the symbol of the Royal Canadian Navy's relentless fight against enemy U-Boats during WWII.

SHERBROOKE's Signalman Jack Scott in the foreground, the
View from the corvette H.M.C.S. SHERBROOKE showing the
corvette H.M.C.S. BARRIE oiling from a tanker at sea, June 1945.

Firing of a depth charge from the corvette H.M.C.S. PICTOU
at sea, March 1942.



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