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Originally Posted by substatica View Post
I did find that unit listing, good to get some validation on that as I'm unsure of the organizational structures relating to WW2. Since I have been told he was a stretcher bearer and was injured when an ambulance was hit I'm guessing he was with one of the ambulance units.

Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, 3rd Canadian Division

- No. 14 Field Ambulance, RCAMC
- No. 22 Field Ambulance, RCAMC
- No. 23 Field Ambulance, RCAMC
- 3rd Division Field Hygiene Section, RCAMC
- Two Field Dressing Stations

I found this link in one of the other forums, that was a great help to me. My father was with No. 12 Field Dressing Station as an ambulance driver. This book has a wealth of information, and explains the hierarchy as well as where units were, which campaigns the the field dressing stations were part of.

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