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Originally Posted by Temujin View Post
Have a reply already from Janie. She will be contacting you to help.

Have a great trip Kate

Janie got back to me really quickly and now I am just waiting to hear from her contact there. In the meantime I've worked a good bit of my way through the mysteries of taking a train and taxi to the site as I know I am not that keen on renting a car and testing my sense of direction by driving solo. If push comes to shove the train will have to do. I do find it strange that there are no small local tour operators for this sort of excursion. I'll need to do it all over again when I get to Lille trying to get to Ypres.
Hey! all part of the adventure and I sure have it a hell of a lot easier than the men who hoofed it to go and fight for this land!
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