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Originally Posted by maillecolle View Post
Our local association "Iwuy'Stoire" plans to pay tribute in October 1918 (for the centenary) to the soldiers who fought at the Battle of Iwuy wich took place by the 10th and 11th of October 1918.
This battle saw the last charge of the Canadian Cavalry and the first time for the Canadian Army to meet German tanks.
Our association is looking for all type of documents about this battle : testimonies, photos, footages, we are also looking for relatives of the soldiers who fought during this battle.
To notice that Sir Wallace Algie was awarded the Victoria Cross during this battle.
Thanks for your answers
Maillecolle, is that October 2018? I'm assuming. My first thought is for you to contact both Library and Archives Canada and the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa for help with your request. I'm sure the members here can supply some information.

A GREAT source to obtain this type of information the the CEFSG (Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group). There website focuses on the Canadian Involvement in the Great War

Here is a link to the CEFSG home page;

And another link to them

Members should be a big help to you

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