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U-656 - Sunk 1 March, 1942 in the North Atlantic south of Cape Race, in position 46.15N, 53.15W, by depth charges from a US Hudson aircraft (Sqdn VP 82). 45 dead (all hands lost).

U-548 - Sunk on 19 April, 1945 in the North Atlantic south-east of Halifax, in position 42.19N, 61.45W by depth charges from the American destroyer escorts USS Reuben James and USS Buckley. 58 dead (all hands lost).

U-215 - Sunk 3 July, 1942 in the North Atlantic east of Boston, USA in position 41.48N, 66.38W by depth charges from the British anti-submarine trawler HMS Le Tiger. 48 dead (all hands lost).

I am not sure if the first 2 were technically in Canadian waters but close to Canada, but U-215 was IN Canadian waters (the wreck has been explored)

And 20 U Boats were sunk just off the US coast.

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