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Juno Beach: Canada's D-Day Victory: June 6, 1944
Mark Zuehlke
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 Author  Mark Zuehlke
 Publisher  Douglas & McIntyre Ltd. (2004)
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By dawn of June 6, 1944, the rough seas facing three small resort towns in Normandy bristled with an immense armada. More than 6,500 ships prepared to disembark Allied troops in a do-or-die effort: D-Day. The 14,500 Canadians among them were to take "Juno Beach," a five-mile-long stretch protected by a seawall, barbed wire, underwater obstacles, hundreds of mines and heavily armed German forces inside concrete bunkers, fortified houses, and trenches.
This book recreates this pivotal day of World War II, from planning through attack. Falling through a black night, praying to land on target were the newly trained Canadian paratroopers, among the first Allies on French soil. Canadian soldiers, most untested in battle, crossed the English Channel during a night storm and ran off landing craft into a deadly sea. Juno Beach is their story, shared at last in the rich detail their achievement deserves.

 From firstcanpara on Feb 22, 2010 15:46:50
A really worthwhile addition to your library!