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Ortona: Canada's Epic World War II Battle
Mark Zuehlke
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 Author  Mark Zuehlke
 Publisher  Douglas & McIntyre Ltd. (1999)
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443 pages
In one blood-soaked, furious week of fighting, from December 20 to December 27, 1943, the 1st Canadian Infantry Division took Ortona, Italy, from elite German paratroopers ordered to hold the medieval port town at all costs. Infantrymen serving in the Loyal Edmonton Regiment and the Seaforth Highlanders, supported by tankers of the Three Rivers Regiment, moved from house to house in hand-to-hand combat amid heavy shelling and wrested the town from the grip of the fierce German defenders. When the vicious battle was over, 2,339 Canadians were dead or wounded. But the town that had become known as "Little Stalingrad" was now in Allied hands.
Ortona brings Canada's first major triumph of the war to life in dramatic, suspenseful narrative, weaving reminiscences of the Canadians, Germans, and Italians who were there together with a blow-by-blow account of the fighting that raged throughout December 1943 from the Moro River Valley past the infamous Gully and finally into the streets of Ortona itself. It is a masterful work a story told from the soldier's-eye view.

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