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For King & Empire - Shadows of the Great War
 Documentary Details
 Year  2001
 Producer  Breakthrough Films
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When the war ends on November 11, 1918, the world rejoices, but 10 million soldiers are dead and 20 million maimed. Along the old Western Front, during the 1920s men turn to the gruesome task of exhuming and reburying hundreds of thousands of bodies. While Canadians in the 1920s and 30s argue over the cost of building memorials to their soldiers, one veteran, in Germany, embittered by defeat, creates a new mass movement. His name is Adolf Hitler – and his party, the Nazi Party. In 1939, Canada is once again at war and many of the men who fought the first war live to see their sons die in the second. In our travels along the Western Front, we will have voyaged into the past, discovering what remains of those men – who fought "For King and Empire."
Running time: 47 minutes
For King and Empire
With historian Norm Christie as our guide, we explore the battlefields, cemeteries and monuments of the First World War. In their own words, the men who fought tell their stories, and we discover how the naïve, amateur soldiers of 1914 became, by 1918, perhaps the most feared, efficient and deadly Allied Corps on the Western Front – the Canadian Corps.

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