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Maple Leaf Against the Axis: Canada's Second World War
J. David Bercuson
 Book Details
 Author  J. David Bercuson
 Publisher  Red Deer Press (1995)
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Maple Leaf Against the Axis is a compelling recounting of the Second World War and the Canadians who fought it. Here, in all its passion and drama, is the story of how the Canadian army, navy, and air force fought in battles ranging from Hong Kong to the Rhine River crossing.
David Bercuson, one of Canada's preeminent military historians, covers the war on the ground, the war on the seas in the North Atlantic and elsewhere, and the war in the air. Maple Leaf Against the Axis includes a sober analysis of both the successes and the failures, the triumphs and the shortcomings, of the Canadian military, from privates to generals.

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