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Bloody Normandy - Bloody Victory: Stories from the Second World War
 Documentary Details
 Year  2007
 Producer  Northern Sky Entertainment
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BLOODY NORMANDY and BLOODY VICTORY are two one-hour documentaries focusing on Canada's participation in the last year of the Second World War, told through the eyes of men who experienced the war first hand, fighting on the battlefields of France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.
These untold stories from Canadian veterans come to life through intimate interviews and bold, dramatic re-enactments, giving viewers a perspective of the true horrors of war.
The first hour, BLOODY NORMANDY, tells the story of this three-month campaign that begins with the landings of D-Day on the beaches of northern France on June 6th, 1944 and ends at the closing of the Falaise Gap near the end of August of 1944.
The second hour, BLOODY VICTORY, follows the Canadian troops as they pursue the Germans along the north coast of France, across the Belgium and Holland borders and then the advance into northern Germany in February of 1945. It ends in Holland during the final month of the war as Canadian troops liberate the Dutch people in April and May of 1945.
A Northern Sky Entertainment Production for History Television.
Produced and Directed by Wayne Abbott
Co-produced by Jocelyne Abbott
Narrated by Wayne Abbott
Runtime: 2x 46:45
Copyright 2007

 From Nic-Nic on Apr 24, 2012 20:43:38
  I remeber watching this when it was on the History Channel's Days of Remebrance.It was one of the few things that got me interested in Canada's military past.I think this is something that should be shown to school's across Canada.