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For King & Country - Passing the Torch: Canadians Go to War 1939 - 1941
 Documentary Details
 Year  2004
 Producer  Breakthrough Films
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The Battle of Britain: In the July-September 1940 battle in the English Channel and across southeastern England, more than 100 Canadian fighter pilots-including Robert Barton-play a key role, piloting their Hurricane and Spitfire fighters in deadly duels against swarms of German fighters, bombers, and fighter-bombers. Finally, in mid-September 1940, Hitler realizes he has failed to win air superiority. The Luftwaffe cannot defeat the RAF. But having lost the battle in the air, the Germans hope to crush Britain by winning the battle at sea.
The Battle of the Atlantic: Canada, which has virtually no navy in 1939, soon builds the third largest navy in the world, and its destroyers and corvettes escort up to half of the convoys that keep Britain alive-and free. The baptism of fire for Canadian navy volunteers and for professional merchant mariners comes many times. Seaman Peter Cock takes us through one of the worst convoy battles-the battle for "Slow Convoy" SC-42, attacked by a "wolf pack" of German U-Boats in September 1941.
For King and Country
During six one-hour episodes, follow military historian Norm Christie to Canadian battlefields, monuments and cemeteries throughout the world. Norm guides us through the Second World War from the point of view of ordinary soldiers who tell their stories in their own words. A unique mixture of archive footage, photographs, artwork and actuality creates a sense of what it was really like to fight "For King and Country".
Running time: 47 minutes
Producers and Executive Producers
Ira Levy
Peter Williamson
Supervising Producer
Kirsten Scollie
Peter Williamson
Harvey Crossland
Gilbert Reid
Norm Christie
R.H. Thompson

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