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For King & Country - Italy: The Forgotten Army
 Documentary Details
 Year  2004
 Producer  Breakthrough Films
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Part I
In July 1943, Canadian ground troops finally get their chance to fight as 25,000 of them storm ashore in torrid summer heat on the southeastern beaches of Sicily. The Allied commanders thought Sicily and Italy would be easy; Adolf Hitler decides otherwise. Norm takes us to the beaches of Sicily where the 25,000 Canadian soldiers land; and from Messina to Ortona, from Monte Cassino to Rome and to Rimini, Norm follows the Canadians as they battle their way north, in what becomes “the forgotten campaign."
Part II
By December of 1943, Canadian forces in Italy had helped topple Mussolini’s Fascist Regime, liberated dozens of Italian towns, and immobilized some of Nazi Germany’s best troops. With the Canadians at the gates of Ortona it appeared likely the Germans would abandon the town.
For King and Country
During six one-hour episodes, follow military historian Norm Christie to Canadian battlefields, monuments and cemeteries throughout the world. Norm guides us through the Second World War from the point of view of ordinary soldiers who tell their stories in their own words. A unique mixture of archive footage, photographs, artwork and actuality creates a sense of what it was really like to fight "For King and Country".
Running time: 47 minutes
Producers and Executive Producers
Ira Levy
Peter Williamson
Supervising Producer
Kirsten Scollie
Peter Williamson
Harvey Crossland
Gilbert Reid
Norm Christie
R.H. Thompson

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