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Turning Points of History: The Battle of the Scheldt
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 Producer  Barna-Alper/History Television
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The Battle of the Scheldt is a chapter of the Second World War that has been largely forgotten by everyone except the people of Holland, and the Canadian soldiers that liberated them.
The victory marked a turning point in the Allies' final push into Germany. But for weeks the push was in jeopardy because clearing the Scheldt was not a priority for Allied Command. When it finally became a priority, the 'Battle of the Scheldt' became the most important campaign Canadian soldiers ever waged.
Facing fierce German resistance and trudging through the flooded low-lying Dutch terrain, they pressed on after devastating setbacks. In the end, six thousand Canadian soldiers lost their lives in The Battle of the Scheldt.
Running time: 45:59
Turning Points of History
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 From wdt71 on Mar 2, 2014 12:27:10
Where can I get a copy of Turning points in history The Battle of the Scheldt? My Grandfather is in the video.