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Fearsome Battle: With The Canadian Army In World War II Europe
Robert E. Rogge
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 Author  Robert E. Rogge
 Publisher  Camroc Press (2004)
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The main character of this remarkable book is combat—what it was like to exist as an infantry soldier under the horrific life and death situations encountered on the World War II battlefield.
Robert Rogge, a 22-year-old American volunteer with the Canadian Army, waded ashore in Normandy on D-Day, 1944. He survived eleven months of intense fighting until May 1945, when the Allies achieved their hard-fought victory in Europe.
Out of his wartime experiences, Rogge graphically portrays, in a series of stunning, cinematic episodes, the animal fury, terror, raw emotions, and almost subhuman existence of frontline soldiers.
Besides the blood and guts of battle, Rogge also gives us the quiet times, the joy of liberation, and the uplifting renewal of the human spirit that tenderness can provide.
Fearsome Battle—with a style as immediate as yesterday—lays bare the heart of war in all its terrible reality.

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