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 Fearsome Battle: With The Canadian Army In World War II Europe  Book
 Fields of Fire: The Canadians in Normandy  Book
 For King & Country - The Path to Victory: The Canadians in Europe 1944 - 1945  Documentary
 For King & Country - Hour of Darkness: Canadians in Hong Kong: 1941  Documentary
 For King & Country - Italy: The Forgotten Army  Documentary
 For King & Country - Normandy: Canadians in Normandy, June - August 1944  Documentary
 For King & Country - Passing the Torch: Canadians Go to War 1939 - 1941  Documentary
 For King & Empire - Baptism of Fire: The Canadians at Ypres – 1915  Documentary
 For King & Empire - Masters of War  Documentary
 For King & Empire - Shadows of the Great War  Documentary
 For King & Empire - Slaughter and Sacrifice: The Canadians on the Somme - 1916  Documentary
 For King & Empire - Slaughter in the Mud: The Canadians at Passchendaele – 1917  Documentary
 For King & Empire - Storming the Ridge: The Canadians at Vimy – 1917  Documentary
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 Operation Husky: The Canadian Invasion of Sicily, July 10–August 7, 1943
Aug 8, 2016 13:00 -  I am trying to track down anything about Pte Jack (John) Goodale who was part of the No2 Field Hygiene Section RCAMC who served with RCAMC and survived WW2  after Sicily/Italy/Netherlands.
 Lucky Guy: Memoirs of a World War II Canadian Soldier
Nov 30, 2015 12:55 -  Trying to trace a Pte Jack/John GOODALE, Canadian Army WW2. Possibly in RCAMC 5 Field Hygiene Section. Was he stationed in Southern England early 1943? 
 For King & Country - Italy: The Forgotten Army
Aug 22, 2014 18:36 - Does anyone know how I can view this?
 Turning Points of History: The Battle of the Scheldt
Mar 2, 2014 10:27 - Where can I get a copy of Turning points in history The Battle of the Scheldt? My Grandfather is in the video.
 Amazing Airmen - Canadian Flyers In The Second World War
May 23, 2012 22:00 - Amazing Airmen - Canadian Flyers In The Second World War is a superb read and tribute to WWII Canadian Aircrews by author Ian Darling. Thanks to Canada At War for hosting this book page.