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Fallen Today
On February 19 throughout our military history; during World War I, World War II and the Korean War, a total of 290 men and women died in the service of Canada. The names of the fallen are listed below. They will be forever remembered.
 Name  Rank  Regiment  Year
Norman Lawless  Sapper  Canadian Engineers  1915
Frederick Clyde Clare  Private  Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)  1915
Richard Edwards  Private  Essex Regiment  1915
Archibald Fergusson Cameron  Private  Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regt.)  1915
Angus Ross  Private  Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment)  1916
Christopher Choldcroft  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1916
Edward Thomas Luck  Sergeant  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1916
Harry Musgrave  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1916
Edward Henry Sheeran  Lance Serjeant  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1916
Bernard Rabone  Private  Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)  1916
William Cecil Black  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1916
Herbert Mcwilliam  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1916
Thomas Gardiner Mcmeekin  Private  Canadian Mounted Rifles  1916
John Ernest Lysle Millen  Corporal  Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regt.)  1916
Arthur Edgar Parlett  Private  Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regt.)  1916
Charles Stewart  Private  Wiltshire Regiment  1916
Ernest George Hill  Private  Canadian Army Medical Corps  1917
Walter Wake Mckenzie  Captain  Canadian Army Medical Corps  1917
Walter George Addison  Corporal  Canadian Field Artillery  1917
Thomas Webster  Gunner  Canadian Field Artillery  1917
Ernest Hicks  Private  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1917
Alexandre Morin  Private  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1917
Richard Titterington  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1917
Richard Marshall  Private  Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)  1917
Hugh Arbuckle Andrew  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
Dennis Cordrey  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
George William Coulson  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
Cyrus Wilton Field  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
Angus Gunn  Lance Corporal  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
Roy Franklin Headley  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
St George Otway Lloyd  Sergeant  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
Edward George Lowman  Sergeant  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
Clarence Edwin Mclachlan  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
Henry Stanley Trout  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
George Nelson Allbright  Lance Corporal  Canadian Infantry (New Brunswick Regiment)  1917
William Philip Armes  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1917
Harry Dewitt  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1917
Edwin Gard  Private  Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)  1917
Alfred Cromwell Myers  Corporal  Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)  1917
William Walker Righton  Lance Corporal  Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)  1917
Victor Tallis  Private  Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)  1917
Andrew Richmond Black  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1917
Arthur Morris  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1917
Orlando Lenord Gammond  Sergeant  Canadian Pioneers  1917
William Jackson  Private  Canadian Railway Troops  1917
Douglas Mccall  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1917
Gordon Campbell  Lieutenant  Canadian Artillery  1918
John Duthie Buchan Rae  Sapper  Canadian Engineers  1918
William Mccollum  Private  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1918
Anthony Halliday Wilson  Private  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1918
Lionel Isaac Symons  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1918
George Allen  Private  Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)  1918
Herbert Miller Swaine  Captain  Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)  1918
George Henry Prummer  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1918
George Tritton  Lieutenant  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1918
Arthur Samuel Whetsone  Corporal  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1918
Ralph Hunt Thorpe  Private  Canadian Infantry (New Brunswick Regiment)  1918
William Albert Atkinson  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1918
David Crittall  Private  Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)  1918
Frederick Theodore Mckay  Private  Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)  1918
James Harding Humphrey  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1918
Roy Harold Bastedo  Private  Canadian Machine Gun Corps  1918
Thomas Ross  Seaman  Canadian Merchant Navy  1918
Fagnant  Able Seaman  Canadian Merchant Navy  1918
Robert Noble Gilmour  Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Regiment  1918
Clarence James Mccarthy  Private  Canadian Area Employment Company  1919
Reginald Thomas Glover  Driver  Canadian Army Service Corps  1919
Arthur Cunningham Marshall  Private  Canadian Army Service Corps  1919
James Arthur Endicott  Sapper  Canadian Engineers  1919
Gilbert Lee Williams  Sapper  Canadian Engineers  1919
Bernard Alan Rowe  Captain  Canadian Forestry Corps  1919
Theodore Cuyler Mckenzie  Lieutenant  Canadian Garrison Artillery  1919
Edson Berrigan  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1919
Christopher Mckay  Sergeant  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1919
Walter Scott Waldie  Lieutenant  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1919
John Wardrope  Corporal  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1919
Garret Mcdonald  Private  Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)  1919
Sydney John Trute  Private  Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)  1919
Charles Baird  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1919
Joseph Russell  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1919
William Marcus Grant Fetterly  Sergeant  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1919
Alf Matheson  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1919
John Mccluskey  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1919
William James Walker  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1919
Adelard Leopold Smith  Private  Canadian Tank Battalion  1919
Ralph Price  Private  Fort Garry Horse  1919
John Evelyn Malcolm  Captain  Royal Engineers  1919
Vernon Gregory  Gunner  Canadian Garrison Artillery  1921
Alexandre Bouchard  Private  Canadian Expeditionary Force  1922
Alexander Duthie  Private  Canadian Expeditionary Force  1922
Frank Fox  Private  Canadian Expeditionary Force  1922
Reuben Lionel Baker  Private  Machine Gun Company  1922
Robert Daly  Sapper  Train Company  1922
Elwood James Conn  Saloon Boy  Canadian Merchant Navy  1941
Gordon Denton  Ordinary Seaman  Canadian Merchant Navy  1941
John Keir Owen  Aircraftman 2nd Class  Royal Canadian Air Force  1941
William Joseph Crosbie  Oiler  Canadian Merchant Navy  1942
James Donnelly  Assistant Steward  Canadian Merchant Navy  1942
Basil George Hallingham  Lance Bombardier  Royal Artillery  1942
Michael Huculak  Leading Aircraftman  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Teddy Manywounds  Private  Royal Canadian Army Service Corps  1942
Charles Jolley  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Engineers  1942
Harry Russell Bailey  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
George James Berresford  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Carleton Ernest Caldwell  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Lawrence Bartlett Carson  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Thomas Edward Case  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Robert Charles Collins  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Roy Wilson Ferrier  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Joseph Omer Romain Gauthier  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Melvin Samuel Kahn  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Clarence Roy Long  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Campbell Archibald Mckinnon  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Charles Eldred Mercer  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
John Charles Monteith  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Ralph Carlton Ramsay  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Frank Ruzycki  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Joseph Elzear Sahl Sasseville  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Duncan Elwin Seeley  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Pierre Yves Camille Tremblay  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Harry William Welch  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Albert Paul Labelle  Private  Royal Canadian Infantry Corps  1943
Desmond Greeley  Deck Hand  Canadian Merchant Navy  1944
Herman Albertson  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1944
George Tait Darg  Sergeant  First Special Service Force  1944
Eric Bent  Private  New Zealand Electrical & Mechanical Engineers  1944
James Edmund Sinnott  Gunner  Royal Artillery  1944
Granville Garfield Jolin  Lance Bombardier  Royal Artillery  1944
Gerard Alp Bottrell  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
John William Burns  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
William Bruce Frederick  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Lloyd Remington Joseph Meech  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Arthur Frankland Moore  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Joseph Wendelin Torscher  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Douglas Thomas Teer  Bombardier  Royal Canadian Artillery  1944
Arthur Donald Irvine  Signalman  Royal Canadian Corps of Signals  1944
Robert John Maccorkindale  Ordnance Artificer  Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve  1944
David Thompson Bayne  Private  Westminster Regiment (Motor), R.C.I.C.  1944
Lloyd Arthur Biederman  Trooper  1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment, R.C.A.C.  1945
Edward John Durand  Lance Corporal  Black Watch of Canada  1945
John Andrew Zip  Rifleman  Brockville Rifles, R.C.I.C.  1945
Raymond John Diehl  Private  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Henry Guaid Elam  Lance Corporal  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
John Alexander Fraser  Private  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Fred Fidel Gogan  Private  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
John Ralph Gordon  Lance Corporal  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Stanley Casimir Gabriel Louie  Private  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Neil Francis Macdonald  Private  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
James Daniel Mackellar  Private  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Michael David Robertson  Lance Corporal  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Peter Stefak  Private  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Frederick Van Idour  Lance Corporal  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Earl Joseph Voshell  Private  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Harvey Leonard Warner  Lance Corporal  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
William George Westbrook  Private  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
William Kenneth Ash  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Lloyd Glen Avey  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
William Henry Balch  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Kenneth Robert Bannister  Corporal  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Albert Ernest Bell  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Leopold Daniel Brule  Corporal  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Ralph Hammell Burns  Lieutenant  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
George Edward Chester  Lieutenant  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
John Peter Chomyn  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
William Iria Dennis  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Clarence Dorey  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Russell Claude Downey  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Stuart Drummond  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Lorne Evans  Corporal  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Hector Joseph Falsetto  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Emerald Nelson Fleming  Corporal  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Henry Howard Fox  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Ernest James Gault  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Charles William Gilchrist  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
John Gorda  Corporal  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Lester Ludlow Hanley  Corporal  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Donald Alfred Hawkins  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Albert Ernest Hill  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Menno Jack Janzen  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
James Kerr  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Walter Kotowich  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Peter Edward Elzear Lamontagne  Lieutenant  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Frederick Jacob Lundquist  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
William George Martin  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Theodore Lawrence Mcgregor  Lance Corporal  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Hugh Maitland Millard  Lance Corporal  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Herbert Frederick Painter  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Warner Douglas Pinch  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Jack Thomas Pullan  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Robert Edward Rayner  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Lorne Johnson Rice  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Charles Joseph Searle  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Frederick Adolph Skead  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Robert Leeming Stockdale  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Charles Thurston  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Samuel Mathew Whitehead  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
John Douglas Williams  Lieutenant  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Waldo William Wilson  Private  Essex Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1945
Lawrence Reginald Bell  Trooper  Fort Garry Horse, R.C.A.C.  1945
Melville Ernest Russell  Lance Corporal  Fort Garry Horse, R.C.A.C.  1945
William Arthur Walter Barber  Private  Lake Superior Regiment (Motor), R.C.I.C.  1945
Ernest Albert Cottick  Private  Lake Superior Regiment (Motor), R.C.I.C.  1945
Lawrence Klyne  Private  Lake Superior Regiment (Motor), R.C.I.C.  1945
William Smook  Lance Corporal  Lake Superior Regiment (Motor), R.C.I.C.  1945
Jean Marcel Beaudry  Private  Le Regiment de Maisonneuve, R.C.I.C.  1945
Adhemar Turcotte  Private  Le Regiment de Maisonneuve, R.C.I.C.  1945
William Owen Seldon  Private  Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin & Halton Regt), R.C.I.C.  1945
Sherman William Boutilier  Private  North Nova Scotia Highlanders, R.C.I.C.  1945
John Cecil Crockett  Private  North Nova Scotia Highlanders, R.C.I.C.  1945
Arthur Gallant  Corporal  North Nova Scotia Highlanders, R.C.I.C.  1945
Donald Ronald Harvey  Private  North Nova Scotia Highlanders, R.C.I.C.  1945
Arthur Waldemar Nyland  Private  North Nova Scotia Highlanders, R.C.I.C.  1945
Robert James Malcolm Richardson  Private  North Nova Scotia Highlanders, R.C.I.C.  1945
Roger Roy  Private  North Nova Scotia Highlanders, R.C.I.C.  1945
Charles Allan Tolson  Private  North Nova Scotia Highlanders, R.C.I.C.  1945
Ross Bernard Bressette  Rifleman  Regina Rifles  1945
Charles Richard Fuller  Rifleman  Regina Rifles  1945
John Albert Kadman  Rifleman  Regina Rifles  1945
Melvin Mckay  Rifleman  Regina Rifles  1945
Frank Charles Parker  Rifleman  Regina Rifles  1945
Robert Douglas Reambeault  Rifleman  Regina Rifles  1945
Sidney Truman Ryckman  Lance Corporal  Regina Rifles  1945
Geoffrey Frank Rowe Apps  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
James Aylwin  Corporal  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Francis Pierce Buck  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Walter Robert Grant  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Gerard Jean Guay  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Deryck Hogan  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
James Cassels Howden  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Ralph Harvey Hunter  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Reed Tilton Hyde  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Earl Clifford Ireland  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Donald Angus Maclellan  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Thomas Metcalfe  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Daniel Joseph Murphy  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Mervyn Esmond Llewellyn Scovell  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Harry Leo Teasdale  Warrant Officer Class I  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Frank Cecil Frith  Private  Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps  1945
George Robert Macdonald  Private  Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps  1945
John Albert Summers  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Army Service Corps  1945
William Joseph Burke  Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Artillery  1945
Stanley Alexander Shaw  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1945
George Frederick Shingler  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1945
Kenneth Geikie Jeanneret  Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Corps of Signals  1945
David Stephen Herbert Loughnan  Captain  Royal Canadian Corps of Signals  1945
Charles Davies  Sapper  Royal Canadian Engineers  1945
Donald William Spence  Sapper  Royal Canadian Engineers  1945
Kenneth Douglas Jones  Stoker 1st Class  Royal Canadian Navy Reserve  1945
John Alfred Ball  Lance Corporal  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
Michael David Crough  Private  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
Harold Selmer Hansen  Private  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
Gordon Roseburgh Holder  Lieutenant  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
John Jeffrey Martin  Corporal  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
Angus Mackay Mcclughan  Corporal  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
George Albert Mccormick  Private  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
Donald Heath Mcculloch  Private  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
Ralph Leslie Morrison  Private  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
Ralph John Murphy  Corporal  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
David Francois Murray  Private  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
William Auld Rankine  Private  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1945
Saul Herbert Hause  Able Seaman  Royal Navy  1945
Wilfred Reginald Alcock  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
James Edward Davis  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Bruce Douglas Densmore  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
William Edward Drew  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
William Jack Ellis  Lieutenant  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Russell Lloyd Hall  Corporal  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Arthur Allan Klinck  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
William Leonard Kyle  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
John Earl Maracle  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Alexander Joseph Mcintosh  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Norval Harvey Moore  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Joseph James Oram  Lance Sergeant  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Douglas Ewart Orr  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Donald Gordon Staple  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Frederick Clifford Stone  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
James Herbert Stremble  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Percy Randolph Van Wart  Private  Royal Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1945
Douglas Henry Easterbrook  Rifleman  Royal Winnipeg Rifles  1945
Ben Johnson  Rifleman  Royal Winnipeg Rifles  1945
John Earl Mcspadden  Corporal  Royal Winnipeg Rifles  1945
Ernest Charles Rye  Corporal  Royal Winnipeg Rifles  1945
Thomas Jordan  Private  Toronto Scottish Regiment (M.G.), R.C.I.C.  1945
Bernhard Maalsnaes  Master  Canadian Merchant Navy  1946
Earl Francis Mclachlan  Private  Royal Canadian Army Service Corps  1946
Murray Aaron Wiener  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1946
Cecil Blakey  Chief Stoker  Royal Canadian Navy  1946
John Valentine Nelson  Lance Corporal  Veterans Guard of Canada  1946
Ralph Ishmael Skeete  Private  Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps  1947
Robert Arthur Ryan  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1952