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Fallen Today
On December 18 throughout our military history; during World War I, World War II and the Korean War, a total of 213 men and women died in the service of Canada. The names of the fallen are listed below. They will be forever remembered.
 Name  Rank  Regiment  Year
William Reynolds  Private  Border Regiment  1914
Robert Rae  Guardsman  Scots Guards  1914
Robert Macdonald  Private  Scots Guards  1914
William James Hardie  Private  Scots Guards  1914
John Vincent James Davies  Gunner  Canadian Field Artillery  1915
Charles Edward Moore  Private  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1915
Harold Malloch Luxton  Private  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1915
John Moses Stickney  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1915
William Stewart  Corporal  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1915
Thomas Phillips  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1915
John Mccombie  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1915
Richard Miniet Hopkins  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1915
Oney O'keefe  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1915
Gordon Charles Moffatt  Company Sergeant Major  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1915
Kingsley Alan Evans  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1915
John William Dickens  Private  2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles (British Columbia Regt.)  1916
Walter Gervin  Private  2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles (British Columbia Regt.)  1916
Lawrence Cornelius O'callaghan  Lance Corporal  Canadian Army Service Corps  1916
John Macaulay  Private  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1916
Ronald Claude Tanner  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1916
Charles Roy Johnson  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1916
George William Clark  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1916
Alexander Smith Clark  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1916
Harry Thomas Hempstead  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1916
James Young  Corporal  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1916
Bertram Hincks  Second Lieutenant  King's Royal Rifle Corps  1916
Thomas Michaud  Sergeant  Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regt.)  1916
George Staughton  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1916
Robert Ernest Elford  Private  Canadian Area Employment Company  1917
Christopher Strang Mcgregor  Sergeant  Canadian Army Medical Corps  1917
Arthur Thomas Allen  Acting Bombardier  Canadian Field Artillery  1917
Henry Francis Talbot  Private  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1917
William Duncan Hiscocks  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1917
Albert Henry Thorn  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1917
Napoleon Beauchemin  Corporal  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1917
Roy Cromarty  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1917
John Angus Morrison  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1917
George Timperley  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1917
Robert Ernest Cleary  Second Lieutenant  Royal Flying Corps  1917
Frederick Godfrey Flower  Second Lieutenant  Royal Flying Corps  1917
Vane Carrington Manuel  Second Lieutenant  Royal Flying Corps  1917
Frank Otto Lau  Private  1st Canadian Mounted Rifles (Saskatchewan Regt.)  1918
Edward Boyce  Sapper  Canadian Engineers  1918
Archie Harold Dale  Gunner  Canadian Field Artillery  1918
William Mccaul  Gunner  Canadian Garrison Artillery  1918
James Melvin Woodbury  Private  Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment)  1918
Alcide Laporte  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1918
Arthur Robinson  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1918
George Miller  Private  Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)  1918
George Tewkesbury  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1918
John David Petley  Private  Canadian Machine Gun Corps  1918
William Francis Lamb  Sapper  Canadian Railway Troops  1918
Bedford Stanley Long  Sapper  Canadian Railway Troops  1918
Earl O'hara  Ordinary Seaman  Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve  1918
Roger Aytown Whyte Couper  Corporal  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1919
Guy James  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1920
John Frederick Jospeh Kiernan  Lieutenant  Royal Air Force  1920
Earle Harold Brown  Sergeant  Canadian Army Service Corps  1921
John Thomas Irvine Challes  Flying Officer  Royal Air Force  1939
Archibald John Guthrie  Squadron Leader  Royal Air Force  1939
Roderick Menzie Ross  Pilot Officer  Royal Air Force  1939
Ralph William Connor  Lance Corporal  Royal Canadian Regiment  1939
Geoffrey George Kerr Jeffery  Trooper  British Columbia Dragoons, R.C.A.C.  1940
Thomas Roberts  Refrigeration Greaser  Canadian Merchant Navy  1940
Charles Schofield  Greaser  Canadian Merchant Navy  1940
William Snow  Fireman  Canadian Merchant Navy  1940
Jack Richard Holme  Lieutenant  Intelligence Corps  1940
Arthur Edward Richardson  Private  Canadian Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1941
Walter Merrill Baker  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1941
Harold Bischlager  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1941
Nicholas Frederick Durban  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1941
Jack Lloyd Gibson  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1941
Morton Ralph Heinish  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1941
William Henry O'neill  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1941
Roger Pierson Owen  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1941
James Lloyd Ruthven  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1941
Gordon Irvine  Rifleman  Royal Rifles of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1941
John Percival Legrow  Private  Veterans Guard of Canada  1941
George Wilfred Stronach  Private  North Shore Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1942
James Edward Bunt  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Robert Stewart Donald  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Baden Powell Hobbs  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Hugh Macdonald Martin  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Kenneth Herbert Wells  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
John Victor Welsh  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Thomas Logan  Private  Royal Canadian Army Service Corps  1942
Fred John David Brinson  Stoker  Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve  1942
Garnet Clayton Copp  Stoker  Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve  1942
Maxwell Alastair Mann  Rifleman  Royal Rifles of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1942
Terence Fereday  Lance Corporal  48th Highlanders of Canada  1943
Daniel Gordon Morrison  Private  48th Highlanders of Canada  1943
William Stanley Pogue  Lance Corporal  48th Highlanders of Canada  1943
Monty Edwin Stephens  Private  48th Highlanders of Canada  1943
Daniel Simon Buell  Lance Corporal  Carleton and York Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1943
John Clifford Dickie  Lance Corporal  Carleton and York Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1943
Lewis Donald Lewis  Private  Carleton and York Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1943
Wilfred Boudreau  Private  Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1943
James Craik  Corporal  Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1943
Gordon Warring  Sergeant  Loyal Edmonton Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1943
Charles Whittaker  Corporal  Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1943
Ferdinand Bacon  Corporal  Royal 22e Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1943
Wilfrid Bourget  Private  Royal 22e Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1943
Jean Bernard Dumont  Lieutenant  Royal 22e Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1943
Benoit Gagnon  Private  Royal 22e Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1943
James Harley Thomson  Private  Royal 22e Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1943
Clifford William Bennett  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Durrant Vern Dunlop  Leading Aircraftman  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Norman Edmond Hanna  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Fred Calder Macqueen  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Clarence Wilfred Mannett  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Stuart Wilfred Morton  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
William Roland Parks  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Hugh Douglas Pawson  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Melvin Henry Ramsay  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Glenn Edgar Weir  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Frank Alexander Mcclure  Lance Corporal  Royal Canadian Army Service Corps  1943
Stanley James Marshall  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1943
William Ray Zubek  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1943
Frank Joseph Scully  Commander Surgeon  Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve  1943
George Kenneth Alcock  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
Edmund Alfred Amond  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
William Evan Amos  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
Desmond Henry Blackman  Lance Corporal  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
William Thomas Byrne  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
Bernard Joseph Gangnier  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
Robert Wilson Gray  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
Lloyd Mcknight  Lance Corporal  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
James Michael Minard  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
Elmer Gerald Nelson  Major  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
Gordon William Poste  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
John Frederick Leroy James Rosenberg  Corporal  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
Lawrence John Scott  Lance Corporal  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
Cecil Sherrard  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
Joseph Stoyan Staley  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
Samuel Wilson  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
Lloyd Henry Woelfle  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1943
William Joseph Costello  Able Seaman  Royal Navy  1943
Thomas Vincent O'toole  Able Seaman  Royal Navy  1943
Ronald Irvine  Rifleman  Royal Rifles of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1943
Herbert Thomas Burrell  Private  Saskatoon Light Infantry (M.G.), R.C.I.C.  1943
Wilfred Henry Cooper  Private  Saskatoon Light Infantry (M.G.), R.C.I.C.  1943
Roland Joseph George Isidore Dion  Trooper  Three Rivers Regiment, R.C.A.C.  1943
Russell Alexandra Cantwell  Private  West Nova Scotia Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1943
George Francis Moncrief  Trooper  17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars, R.C.A.C.  1944
Vincent Job Sigley  Lance Corporal  17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars, R.C.A.C.  1944
George Arthur Hord  Private  48th Highlanders of Canada  1944
William John Perry  Private  4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards, R.C.A.C.  1944
Walter Page  Private  Black Watch of Canada  1944
Theodore Lanteigne  Private  Carleton and York Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1944
Lorne Francis Graff  Trooper  Governor General's Horse Guards, R.C.A.C.  1944
Charles Gordon Tompson  Sergeant  Governor General's Horse Guards, R.C.A.C.  1944
Wallace Robert Duncan  Private  Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1944
Rolland Laferte  Private  Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1944
Victor Balash  Private  Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1944
Harry Edward Jantz  Company Quarter Master Sergeant  Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1944
Edward Joseph Farrell  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Chester Edward Anderson  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Joseph Wilfrid Laurier Bernier  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Alfred Goodman-wells Blayney  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Duncan Stewart Brown  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Robert Leslie Cann  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Joseph Raymond Jean-marie Desmarais  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Alexander Divitcoff  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Joseph Edouard Laurent Dubois  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Gordon Edmund Bruce Forbes  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Edward George Fox  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Staniforth Saywell Galvin  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Raymond Charles Gauthier  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
James Vallance Grant  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
James William Green  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Everard Percival Harvey  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Douglas Hitchcock  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Leslie Homer Janzen  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Allan Edward Kurtzhals  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Joseph Rosaire Jean Charles Labrecque  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Joseph Rene Lariviere  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
William Hewison Leese  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Paul Allan Cornell Maeder  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Gilbert Horace March  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Gordon William Olafsen  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Joseph Maurice Paradis  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
James Murray Parrott  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Samuel Henry James Pearce  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Ernest Ashley Rhude  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
John Ernest Robert  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
William Francis Scott  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
John Christopher Smart  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
James Duncan Smith  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Gordon Douglas Wilson  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Stanley Ernest Zadorozny  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Joseph Brochu  Lance Corporal  Royal Canadian Army Service Corps  1944
Ralph Ellsworth Amos  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1944
Herbert Ralph Bush  Gunner  Royal Canadian Artillery  1944
Lawrence Edward Wilks  Signalman  Royal Canadian Corps of Signals  1944
Julian Jones  Sapper  Royal Canadian Engineers  1944
Malcolm Macdonald  Private  Royal Canadian Regiment  1944
Eric Holland Thorne  Major  Royal Canadian Regiment  1944
John Mcfie  Sergeant  Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1944
Earl Winston Fortin  Sergeant  South Alberta Regiment, R.C.A.C.  1944
John Bradley  Private  West Nova Scotia Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1944
Ernest Vincent Cooke  Private  West Nova Scotia Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1944
Cecil Phillips Blatchford  Sergeant  Canadian Army Dental Corps  1945
Adam Barr  Sergeant  Canadian Army General List  1945
Roger Jean Marie Joseph Dagenais  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
William Reginald Fee  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Thomas Gordon Munro  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Kenneth Frank Study  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
William Archie Young  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
William Harry Carson  Major  Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps  1945
Thomas Portlock  Private  Veterans Guard of Canada  1945
Albert Richard Phayre  Corporal  Royal Canadian Engineers  1946
Owen Spencer Pound  Sapper  Royal Canadian Engineers  1946
Steve Martin  Corporal  Royal 22e Regiment  2010