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Fallen Today
On May 27 throughout our military history; during World War I, World War II and the Korean War, a total of 177 men and women died in the service of Canada. The names of the fallen are listed below. They will be forever remembered.
 Name  Rank  Regiment  Year
Herbert Bradford  Lance Corporal  Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)  1915
Howard Wand  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1915
Walter Herbert Scales  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1915
Matthew Lightheart  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1915
Ambrose Gunning  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1915
Arthur George Eddis  Lieutenant  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1915
James Cunningham  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1915
Edward Cooper  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1915
John William Devoo  Private  Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)  1915
Alexander Caie  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1915
James Stewart  Private  Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)  1915
Cuthbert Martin  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Dragoons  1915
Walter Hollowell  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Dragoons  1915
William Henry Grogan  Petty Officer  Royal Canadian Navy  1915
William Watson Rennie  Engineer  Royal Naval Reserve  1915
William Henry Dainton  Private  4th Canadian Mounted Rifles (2nd Central Ontario Regt.)  1916
John Groggin  Private  4th Canadian Mounted Rifles (2nd Central Ontario Regt.)  1916
Thomas Hannabury  Private  Canadian Expeditionary Force  1916
Edouard Bergeron  Private  Canadian Expeditionary Force  1916
Hector Brown  Private  Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment)  1916
Frank Hewertson  Private  Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment)  1916
Charles William Simmonds  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1916
Hubert Norgrove Stuart  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1916
Harry Wilcox  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1916
Ernest Allen  Private  Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)  1916
Fortunat Laurent  Private  Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)  1916
James Dunlop  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1916
James Mccullagh  Lance Corporal  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1916
George Poile  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1916
Stanley Street  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1916
Frank Hearty  Private  Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)  1916
John Mowbray  Private  Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment)  1916
Thomas Furnival  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1916
William Jack Veitch  Private  Canadian Machine Gun Corps  1916
Herbert Matthews  Private  Canadian Pioneers  1916
Charles Tripp  Sapper  Royal Engineers  1916
Herbert Omer Taylor  Gunner  Royal Field Artillery  1916
Shurley Asselstine  Private  4th Canadian Mounted Rifles (2nd Central Ontario Regt.)  1917
Arthur Carroll  Private  4th Canadian Mounted Rifles (2nd Central Ontario Regt.)  1917
Bertie James Traviss  Private  4th Canadian Mounted Rifles (2nd Central Ontario Regt.)  1917
Albert Rufus Bragg  Sapper  Canadian Engineers  1917
Leslie Arthur Jefford  Acting Bombardier  Canadian Field Artillery  1917
John Philp  Gunner  Canadian Field Artillery  1917
Alexander Smith  Private  Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment)  1917
David John Matheson  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1917
George Taylor  Private  Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)  1917
Cecil Wilson Biddles  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
Alfred Harry Cloutte  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
John Richardson  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1917
Roger Bert Chesley  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1917
Sydney Ewart Lount  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1917
William Middleton  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1917
Thomas Alfred Peacock  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1917
Percy John Ransom  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1917
Alexander Ritchie  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1917
Henry Deary Ross  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1917
James Arthur Yeomans  Private  Canadian Machine Gun Corps  1917
Thomas Thordarson  Corporal  Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians), R.C.A.C.  1917
Robert Ward Shepherd Robertson  Lieutenant  Royal West Surrey Regiment  1917
Sinclair Beatty Johnston  Second Lieutenant  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)  1917
Alexander Duncan Mcintosh  Gunner  Canadian Field Artillery  1918
Richard Stanley Thompson  Gunner  Canadian Field Artillery  1918
Harold Craig  Gunner  Canadian Garrison Artillery  1918
Reginald Thornton Macken  Private  Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment)  1918
William Davis  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1918
John Lake  Private  Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment)  1918
Frank Anderson  Private  Canadian Infantry (Nova Scotia Regiment)  1918
Horace Albert Blackford  Private  Canadian Infantry (Nova Scotia Regiment)  1918
Clarence George Braden  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1918
Roland Carter  Lance Corporal  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1918
Frank Doyle  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1918
Gordon Henry Ferguson  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1918
James Peter Griffith  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1918
Thomas John Wellington  Private  Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regiment)  1918
William Frederick Brooks  Sapper  Canadian Railway Troops  1918
Charles Gordon Coombs  Sapper  Canadian Railway Troops  1918
Donovan Richardson Mccallum Smith  Second Lieutenant  Manchester Regiment  1918
Cecil William Alloway  Second Lieutenant  Royal Air Force  1918
Albert Richard Bolay  Second Lieutenant  Royal Air Force  1918
Walter Scott Murray  Second Lieutenant  Royal Air Force  1918
Wilfred Henry Winnett  Cadet  Royal Air Force  1918
Alfred Theodore Wyman  Second Lieutenant  Royal Air Force  1918
Charles Humble Gray  Private  Royal Canadian Dragoons  1918
Alfred Agard  Pioneer  Royal Engineers  1918
Frederick Priestley  Captain  Wiltshire Regiment  1918
Charles Caron  Private  Canadian Army Service Corps  1919
Henry Wasson  Private  Canadian Forestry Corps  1919
James Gallagher  Private  Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1919
Norman Mosher  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1919
Frederick Foulston  Private  Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force  1919
Herbert Henry Middleton  Private  Canadian Machine Gun Corps  1919
Herbert John Evans  Private  Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment)  1920
Charles W Roche  Private  Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)  1920
Jesse Atkinson  Private  Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)  1921
William Kellum  Private  Canadian Railway Troops  1921
Edgar Pierre Burkholder  Regimental Quartermaster Serjeant (WO.II)  Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians), R.C.A.C.  1921
William Ross Bradley  Guardsman  Grenadier Guards  1940
William Hay Taylor  Lance Corporal  Royal Armoured Corps  1940
Alexander Robert Angus  Bombardier  Royal Artillery  1940
Wynfred Theodore Malbert  Signalman  Royal Corps of Signals  1940
Eric Bruce Wilson Mould  Signalman  Royal Corps of Signals  1940
William Archibald Willison  Second Lieutenant  Royal Norfolk Regiment  1940
William Henry Clasen  Private  Royal Sussex Regiment  1940
Arthur Campbell Jolly  Lance Corporal  King's Royal Rifle Corps  1941
Jean Bruno Le Cavalier  Flying Officer  Royal Air Force  1941
Peter Chubey  Private  Canadian Forestry Corps  1942
Robert Leslie Fletcher  Private  Perth Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1942
John Robert Brennan  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Robert Martin Woodhead  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1942
Henri Wilscam  Private  Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps  1942
Richard Godfrey Black  Private  Veterans Guard of Canada  1942
Harold Wesley Stewart  Corporal  Corps of Military Staff Clerks  1943
Russell Merlin Boe  Aircraftman 2nd Class  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
George Howard Carson  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Alfred Irvine  Warrant Officer Class I  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
William George Mackie  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Leslie Clarence Mollet  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Norman Wallace Peat  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Harold Ransom Sutton  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
John Morton Whittaker  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1943
Samuel Leyes Dustan  Lance Corporal  Royal Canadian Engineers  1943
Albert Walter Jordan  Private  48th Highlanders of Canada  1944
Thomas Ernest Knott  Trooper  6th Duke of Connaught's Royal Canadian Hussars, R.C.A.C.  1944
Clinton Arnold Groves  Trooper  8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's)  1944
Alfred Champion Lawton  Trooper  8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's)  1944
Alvin Vaughan Mcgarity  Lance Corporal  8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's)  1944
James Patrick O'reilly  Trooper  8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's)  1944
John Lawrence Pesko  Trooper  8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's)  1944
Irvine Lloyd Schriver  Lance Corporal  Carleton and York Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1944
Thomas Richmond Wilson Scollick  Trooper  Governor General's Horse Guards, R.C.A.C.  1944
Bruce Donald Earley  Corporal  Irish Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1944
Thomas Steven Le Blanc  Private  Irish Regiment of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1944
Thomas William Gregory  Private  Perth Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1944
Francis Paul Hirtle  Private  Perth Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1944
William Patrick Simpson  Private  Perth Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1944
Jack Windover  Private  Perth Regiment, R.C.I.C.  1944
Charles Allister Ritcey  Lieutenant  Princess Louise Fusiliers, R.C.I.C.  1944
Phillip Zeglinski  Private  Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, R.C.I.C.  1944
William Samuel Garland  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
William Douglas Lewis  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Gordon Long  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Robert Russell Lynch  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Joseph Rene Phillippe Markowski  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Thomas Campbell Mcgowan  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Thomas Murray Stewart  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Nicholas Stusiak  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Waldemar Freltrik Wolf  Pilot Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Arthur Lawrence Wood  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Air Force  1944
Thomas Joseph Gemelly  Private  Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps  1944
Philip Ross Macklem  Private  Royal Canadian Army Service Corps  1944
Earl Wellington Morrison  Lance Corporal  Royal Canadian Corps of Signals  1944
Kenneth James Southern  Lieutenant Colonel  Royal Canadian Engineers  1944
Isaac Wilhelm Goertzen  Private  Seaforth Highlanders of Canada  1944
Leslie William Smith  Sergeant  Canadian Provost Corps  1945
Jean Roger Desrochers  Company Quarter Master Sergeant  Regiment de la Chaudiere  1945
John William Anderson  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Arthur Scott Gibbon  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Robert Reginald Halford  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Booth James Johnston  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Leonard William Koehl  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
John Macleod  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Philip Alexander Mcmaster  Flight Lieutenant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
James Wallace Piercy  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
Joseph Lowry Reid  Flying Officer  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
William Leishman Thornton-white  Flight Sergeant  Royal Canadian Air Force  1945
John Erskine Doyle Mccord  Warrant Officer Class II  Royal Canadian Artillery  1945
Richard Dickson  Company Quarter Master Sergeant  Royal Canadian Engineers  1945
William Dougald Wilson  Sapper  Royal Canadian Engineers  1945
George Joseph Billings  Stoker 1st Class  Royal Canadian Navy Reserve  1945
John Fuller Fletcher  Major  Canadian Army General List  1946
John Alexander Ferguson  Major  Highland Light Infantry of Canada, R.C.I.C.  1946
Raymond Boudreault  Private  Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps  1946
Robert Cooper  Private  Royal Canadian Infantry Corps  1946
Charles Augustus Mason  Sergeant  Royal Canadian Engineers  1947
Desmond Charles Bradley  Able Seaman  Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve  1947
William Arthur Bordett Garrard  Lieutenant Commander  Royal Canadian Navy Reserve  1947
Karl Manning  Bombardier  5e Régiment d'artillerie légère du Canada  2011