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Saint André-sur-Orne
Germans and Canadians in the heart of Hell
After the liberation of Caen on 19 July 1944, Canadians and British soldiers progress southward with Falaise as objective. Operation Spring is launched on 24 July; after a preliminary artillery shelling, the Camerons Highlanders of the 5th Brigade arrive in front of Saint-André-sur-Orne. Canadians suffer heavy losses facing German entrenched defensers. Black Watch of Canada regiment is crushed under the fire in Saint-Martin-de-Fontenay area. Assault is renewed on 28 July and breaks against conter-attacks of the 9th SS Panzer division Hohenstaufen. On 1st August, Saint-André-sur-Orne and Saint-Martin-de-Fontenay are liberated; they will stay on the front line until operation Totalize, that will be launched on 7 August.

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