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Trasimene Line
This page contains general information about this battle, fought during the Second World War.
 War  World War II
 Theatre  Italy
 Campaign/Op  Italian Campaign
 Date  June 20-30, 1944
 Force Size  -
 Casualties  ? killed, ? wounded
 Content Page  The Italian Campaign
 Gallantry Awards
 Battle Account
The Trasimene Line was a German defensive line during the Italian Campaign of World War II. It was also sometimes known as the Albert Line. The commander of German forces in Italy, Field Marshall Albert Kesselring used the line to delay the Allied northward advance in Italy in mid June 1944 to buy time to withdraw troops to the Gothic Line and finalize the preparation of its defenses.
 Regiments  Killed   Wnd. 
 The Ontario Regiment    
 The Calgary Regiment    
 The Three Rivers Regiment