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This page contains general information about this battle, fought during the Second World War.
 War  World War II
 Theatre  North West Europe, 1944-45
 Campaign/Op  Normandy - Operation Totalize
 Date  Aug. 6-8, 1944
 Force Size  -
 Casualties  ? killed, ? wounded
 Content Page  The Falaise Gap
 Gallantry Awards
 Battle Account
South Saskatchewan Account
SSR attacked at 2330 hours. Consolidated 8 Aug. Put in attack to relieve Cam. of C. and took over 400 prisoners. Found many bodies of personnel missing on 23 Jul 44. 1 Offr, 14 ORs killed, 3 Offrs, 39 ORs wounded.
Although the South Saskatchewan Regiment took Rocquancourt rather quickly, the last snipers were not flushed out of its ruins for another six hours. [DND]
 Regiments  Killed   Wnd. 
 The South Saskatchewan Regiment