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The Battle of Hong Kong
This page contains general information about this battle, fought during the Second World War.
 War  World War II
 Theatre  Asia & the Pacific
 Campaign/Op  Hong Kong
 Date  Dec. 8-25, 1941
 Force Size  2000
 Casualties  557 killed, ? wounded
 Content Page  The Battle of Hong Kong
 Gallantry Awards
Sgt. Major John Osborn, Winnipeg's - Victoria Cross
Several enemy grenades were thrown which Company Sergeant-Major Osborn picked up and threw back. The enemy threw a grenade which landed in a position where it was impossible to pick it up and return it in time. Shouting a warning to his comrades this gallant Warrant Officer threw himself on the grenade which exploded, killing him instantly. His self-sacrifice undoubtedly saved the lives of many others.
 Battle Account
263 died in the battle, 294 died while in Japanese captivity.
 Regiments  Killed   Wnd. 
 The Royal Rifles of Canada    
 The Winnipeg Grenadiers